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When playing casino games at a glitzy resort casino, following proper etiquette is essential for an enjoyable experience. From tipping the dealer to handling your winnings or losses with grace, certain etiquette rules apply. As a new gambler, you want to avoid rookie moves that mark you as an inexperienced player. Unlike many hospitality roles where tipping is optional, it’s mandatory to tip dealers in casinos, even on small pots. A dollar or two per decent-sized pot you win is standard. Toss them a chip or two as thanks after good hands. Never take down a big pot without tipping. Dealers depend on tips to earn a decent wage.

With people sitting close and the action fast-paced, mind your etiquette at casino tables:

  • Keep conversations low key as not to distract other players
  • Avoid profanity, politics, religion, and insensitive comments
  • Don’t criticize other players’ strategies or tips
  • Refrain from drunk or obnoxious behavior
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct if you’re winning or losing big
  • Respect other players’ personal space

Respect the dealer’s authority

The hrhcbiloxi directs the action and controls the game, so respect their authority. Be nice to the pit boss and dealer. If an issue arises, calmly call over a supervisor to review, but accept their final ruling. Yelling or losing your cool reflects poorly on you, not the staff. It’s always the house that wins.

Casual gamblers make certain faux pas that hardcore players deem unlucky or rude:

  • Don’t hand money directly to dealers. Give it to them to pick up.
  • Never say “seven” out loud after a roll at the craps table.
  • Don’t touch cards or chips once bets are down.
  • No sunglasses, hats, or hooded sweatshirts that hide your face.
  • Don’t rub shoulders with or stand directly behind other players. Give them space.

Avoid these missteps to blend in seamlessly with sophisticated resort casino patrons. You don’t want to commit a premature faux pas before you’ve barely begun.

Play multiple hands at blackjack only if you afford to

It’s fine to play two spots at blackjack if you have the bankroll to back it up. But make sure you know the proper strategy for both hands and don’t slow down the game. The minimum bet is there to ensure you have enough funds to double down or split if needed. If not, politely stick to one hand. At the craps table, players take turns rolling the dice based on a simple queuing method. The shooter rolls until they “seven out”, then the dice move clockwise around the table. Wait until it’s your turn to avoid awkwardly grabbing at the dice.

Let the current shooter play out their turn. Cocktail servers work hard to provide good drink service to players in the casino. Tip $1-2 per drink, more if they are making frequent return trips. Getting to know your drink preferences and keeping you refreshed deserves generous gratuity. Larger tips may yield stronger pours. Avoid suspicion and temptation by always keeping your hands above the table in plain view. Never place hands near your chips after bets are placed. Casinos are on high alert for theft, cheating, and palming chips. Keep hands where staff see them at all times.