Everyone is aware of this does not matter how effective a horse racing technique is you will find bad days and good days. For instance your handicapping technique may produce a lot of winners virtually every time, BUT who’s to condition individuals winners won’t be low-priced chalk because that’s all of the track is giving tomorrow? The majority of us would think about a thrilling chalk day – an unhealthy day.

I made the decision this method inside my searches both offline an online-based – I didn’t invent this. I’m unsure who did – quite a few our handicappers tried on the extender for just about any extended time.

To begin with you will need 3 information:

#1 – The amount of a bankroll have you got?

#2 – The quantity of races/games will you bet

#3 – What’s your approximate win percentage?

I’m now going let you know the easiest method to utilize the entire formula with hypothetical bankroll but real win percentages (this will help to bet around 4 selections can be found out ahead!)

#1 – Let us say there is a $500 bankroll during the day.

#2 – We’ll play 3 tracks with 9 races each (27 races performed)

#3 – Everybody knows the win % people selecting 4 horses is about 70%.

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Next everything you do is create a margin of error (yes such as the political polls!) this is the way carry it out.

Make win percentage 70% (.70) and multiply is actually by the win percentage then into the amount of races we’ll play.

.70 x.70 x 30 = 14.7 the we make square reason behind 14.7 (use a calculator using this one!) the square reason behind 14.7 is 3.83 (keep time.)


Now we take the amount of races we’ll play 30 and multiply by.70. OK we’ve 21. So in the 70% expected win rate of 30 races our picks will hit

21 within the 30 races.

Now, we remove 3.83 from 21 and then we get 17.17 (our 3% margin of error). Now we round that away and off and away to 17. Therefore we base our horse racing betting on 17 wins of 30 races. Next we remove 17 from 30 and then we get 13 (that’s the quantity of losing races there’s a much.) Now we take our $500 bankroll and divide by 13. we’ve 38.46 or 38.

We’re to bet $38 on every race. Hold on another. We are betting 4 horses. Are we able to bet $38 on every horse? NO! From experience we might realize that our top 2 selections win appx. 63% of wins along with the bottom 2 appx. 37% Now we multiply 38 x 63% = 23.94 or $24.00 We’re to bet $24 on top 2 selections.

Did I have faith that EACH selection? No! Split the bet therefore we bet $12 to win on Selection 1 and 2. That leaves us with $14 to obtain split within the base 2 horses. Therefore we bet $7 on picks 3 & 4. So the bets for almost any $500 Bankroll for a lot of tracks (27 races) $38 per race appears similar to this:

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Selection #1 – $12 win for 27 races

Selection #2 – $12 win for 27 races

Selection #3 – $7 win for 27 races

Selection #4 – $7 win for 27 races

My next suggestion is niagra. Possess a total percentage gain goal inside your ideas. That makes it realistic!!!!

The amount percentage are you currently presently happy making within your bankroll today? 30%, 40% 60%? Driving under the influence your primary goal, for goodness sakes stop betting and go back home. Remember fondly the longer you remain within the races along with the more track you play, the greater the probabilities favor the track, or casino, for that fact.

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