If you have not yet tried betting on the mega-popular and ultra-generous United States Mega Millions 5/70 lottery, you are missing out on something truly exciting! It is not only one of the biggest and most influential lotteries in the world with mind-blowing cash prizes for the luckiest champions, but it is also a game you can easily access and play from the cozy comfort of your home or while on the move. All you need to do is set up an account with YesPlay and pick a few random numbers for tonight’s drawing that are destined to make you very rich and very happy.

How to play US Mega Millions?

As suggested by its name, US Mega Millions 5/70 plays with a pool of 70 numbered balls, of which five are picked at random during each drawing session that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at around 05:45 SAST. To make the experience even more thrilling for bettors, the lottery also includes a bonus set of 25 balls, of which one Mega ball is selected. The bettor who successfully matches all their 5+1 numbers with those drawn wins a mind-blowing top prize, sometimes amounting to billions.

To South African gamblers, there is another way available in which they can put their best luck to the test and compete for lucrative Mega Millions rewards. Since all foreign lotteries are prohibited in this country, the only option for SA bettors to access Mega Millions is through using specialized online betting platforms, such as YesPlay. The upside of placing lottery bets online with YesPlay are many: it is fast and easy; it can be done from anywhere and at any time; the choice of additional wagering options and markets is huge, and since it is fixed-odds betting, you will always know what you are in for.

Why come to YesPlay?

YesPlay is South Africa’s #1 online betting website, known and trusted by thousands of players inside the country and abroad. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it gives gamblers easy access to hundreds of exciting and generous lottery games, sports events, casino entertainment options, and more. Here, everyone gets the kind of digital gambling experience they crave.

YesPlay is also a handy tool for players who like to monitor how their bets play in real time. The platform publishes the latest US Mega Millions results shortly after the draw completes. It also provides accurate and detailed statistics related to this game to help users optimize their betting strategies.


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